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Much like their namesake, Peter Sellers' character Chauncey Gardiner from the 1979 "Being There", Chauncey has walked onto the scene like a breath of fresh air. Surfacing in Boston in early 2002 with a critically acclaimed debut record and a potent live show, it took little time for those in earshot to take notice. The group garnered multiple nominations from the Boston Music Awards in 2002 and 2003; recieved the honor of "Best Rock Album of 2002" by Boston Magazine, and even talked on the phone with Beck. Chauncey followed up their debut success with "My Radio (Everything I Know) in 2005, recorded by Indie-rock guru Steve Albini. "They seamlessly move through melodic rock, deliberate feedback jams, and all out primal rockbeat happenings with lean ferocity," comments rock critic Jerome Leslie, in considering Chauncey's live show. This "lean ferocity" is brought on by five skinny white boys-- JP Powell (Vocals, Piano), Jake Zuckerman (Guitar), Jon Bistline (Bass), Eliot Hunt (Guitar), and Shawn Marquis (Drums).