These tracks were some of the outtakes from our sessions with Steve Albini. "Wrong Direction" missed the cut for the record, and this version of "Helicopter" was shelved for the slow version, which appears as a bonus track on "My Radio (Everything I Know)."

Wrong Direction


The following three tracks were the last recorded pieces that Chauncey worked on as a group. These were recorded in the spring of 2004 at our rehearsal space and at Jake's parents vacation house in New Hampshire.

Lake Michigan

Faraway Waltz

Narcotic Shotgun

These were demos that Jp put together. "Comeback" was once a part of the band's early performing repertoire, but was eventually dropped. "Lost In America" came along at the very end and was never fleshed out.

Come Back

Lost in America

Here are a couple of live cuts. "My Radio/The Race" was recorded at the Fleet Bank Pavilion, and includes the original ending for the piece, which fell by the wayside in time. "You" was taped during an on-air performance at WAAF in Boston. This version features Jake on Mandolin, and Jp on Glockenspiel; both of which lent well to the song.

My Radio/The Race


These 6 songs, recorded on July 12, 2004, are taken from one of the last live recordings Chauncey ever made. The show was performed to a nearly empty room at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, D.C., and marked the end Chauncey's final tour down south.


My Radio



Beautiful Lie



released 2001

Chauncey (Eponymous debut)

Live EP
released 2003

Live EP

My Radio
(Everything I Know)

released 2005

My Radio (Everything I Know)

Live (2001-2004)

released 2007

My Radio (Everything I Know)