Jake & JP, Irving Plaza © Josh Sunewick

Welcome to the new chauncey archive. Here you can find the fruits of all of our various labours.

chauncey was/is:

Jon Bistline [bass, vox, tech-guru, sous chef (to Jake), non-driver, general "nay-sayer"]

Eliot Hunt [guitar, vox, humpback whale mating sounds, knee-breaker (only his own)]

Shawn Marquis [drums, vox, late-night driver, personal attendant to Kermit the Frog]

JP Powell [keys, lead vox, hopping tamborine dance, motivational speaker (if drinks are involved)]

Jake Zuckerman [guitar, vox, asinine stage antics, executive chef]


5.30.10 - Well, 2.5 years seemed like long enough. Thanks to everyone who came out to see chauncey rock out with our new child bands, specifically ◦ ◦ ☆ and My Radio. It was a great night and a fantastic way to spend Jonny's birthday. See you in another few years!

3.13.08 - Many, many thanks to all our fans who came to the Middle East to see us play with the wonderful and talented The Everyday Visuals last November. About 400 of you showed up - not bad for a band that hasn't played in Boston in over 2 years. We're on the lookout for another great show to play... about one a year sounds good, right?